From Clear-cut to Multifaceted Ecological and Social Problems


Poverty, destruction of rain forests, famine – so many problems in the world. Or just few big and multifaceted ones? 

Social and ecological problems are usually labeled and defined to certain categories to make them more comprehensible, but at the same time some related  aspects are excluded and the boundaries of definitions hinder us from seeing the multitude of the situation. 

Maybe it would be time to change perspective, since it seems that in most cases instead of many individual problems and challenges we are facing one big crisis that binds the social, ecological, cultural and economic factors all together. Change in definitions might also lead to a change in ways of finding solutions to tackle the problem and even prevent new problems from emerging, like in these cases:

-Sometimes one carefully planned, holistic and culturally considerate solution – like this amazing project by Willie Smits – is all it takes to change things for the better for people, wildlife and climate!

-Or maybe Girl Effect is all we need to set the snowball rolling.

Well, one thing is for sure, even if local problems can be seen as part of global scale crisis there are no simple or universal recipes for knocking them down. Instead of applying similar solutions for similar looking problems the use of measures and tools needs to be culture specific. To find the best measures and solutions we need to involve the local people to be part of planning and innovation processes!


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