Fashion Tuning In To Cultural Shift


I recently found a bit of proof that even if it sometimes feels so, fashion trends don’t emerge randomly or out of the blue but are very much indeed tied to current cultural shifts and contribute to the cultural dialog.

This blog post in Nymag’s fashion blog called The Cut caught my attention by hinting that I should consider a Pin-up style swimsuit this summer (OK, some early adopters were seen wearing them already last summer 😉 ) so designers are riding the cultural wave as well and digging influences from the golden years as mentioned in earlier post about the renaissance of escapistic (but at the same time ethically conscious) style of yesteryears and Va-Va-Voom vamps. No wonder why Katy Perry is so popular.

One notion though..While high street retail is trying to survive by surfing along there’s one problem: the crucial difference between the real deal – authentic vintage -and what it stands for in terms of sustainable consumption and the cheaper, less sustainably produced and certainly not timeless replicas.





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