New Platforms For Creative Collaboration


I must say I’m no expert when it comes to the writings of J.Habermas and  it’s been ages since I last immersed myself in his works, nevertheless he suddenly crossed my mind as I though how delighted he (and most enlightment philosophers grinning in their graves) must feel about the fact that our generation is thriving in the age of creative crowds and thanks to the Internet has access to new interactive communication and collaboration tools. While the Internet is by no means free of social or cultural barriers it has provided public spaces for communication and communities to develop fresh ideas and change the world. Like Brian Solis also put it, social media and networks are not merely formed around relationships but also ideas – as well as cultural values, lifestyles and common interests.

Social media has also provided fruitful platforms for new collaborative business models based on harnessing the brainpower of crowds of experts around the world, but while the future may seem rosy, there are always spikes – like the challenges in finding, bringing together and engaging the best talent to create best ideas and concepts (or as Habermas would have put it, most rational and enduring arguments). So it seems that the logics and structures of these new collaboration models are yet to be figured to really thrive and create success stories. 

Here are few thoughts though, as I had the possibility to participate in the re-conceptualizing of PSFK’s Purple List, a new platform for collaboration, and  came up with some perspectives and practical guidelines. You are most welcome to take a glimpse and share your thoughts with me:

Purple List - Ideas & Directions


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