About the Blog

The name Create and Debate originates to a quote ” Work, don’t debate!”, presumably stated by Freud. Might be that he never uttered those words but nevertheless, I came to think about an equivalent principle for the people of the 21st century and came up with the blog’s title.

First of all the conceptions of work and creativity have changed in the course of the years thanks to the Internet, education and changes in social structure and infrastructure. The days of repetitive manufacturing jobs are distant memories to many of the people in western societies where most of the jobs exist in the service industry and tasks are done with a virtual set of tools. So, repetition and lack of innovation are the last things expected from the workers of today, even if you work at a fast food counter serving Whoppers. As more and more people work in creative positions and also since knowledge, design and manufacturing tools are available for anyone, again thanks to the Internet, everyone can be creative and create! Though as a cultural researcher I tend to look at creativity from broader perspective, accentuating the creativity and innovation present in everyday actions and practices of all people, both in wealthy as well as in poor countries.

And since we are (hopefully) stepping in to a new era of social consciousness, creativity should walk hand in hand with responsibility, hence the debate. Creativity has long been property of designers, experts and artist and “common people” have not had a change to be part of innovation processes of the great minds. While new forms of interaction and conversation have bloomed between designers and consumers, blurring the lines between users and producers, there’s still a lot to debate about. For example how to solve social and environmental problems with good design.

So to put it in a nutshell, “Create” stands for the creativity found both in art and design as well as in everyday phenomena and actions of everyday people, for as “Debate” stands for the attempt to understand the previous ones and spark new conversation. I know there’s a political ring to the term, and let it be so, since there are lot of problems worth debating in the world  and also to be solved with creativity!


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